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December 8, 2019
HEROES AND SHEROES NEEDED As a small but mighty organization, we are constantly thinking about ways to cast our net further, with the goal of serving even more young adults who are struggling with cancer or ongoing medical issues related to their cancer or treatments. This autumn we had to put a temporary hold on new applications while we work to secure dona


December 8, 2019
FROM SY’S MOM: THE “NICE” LIST- 2019 Our wonderful supporters – Your generosity is enough to make even the Grinch’s heart grow 5 sizes bigger and warms mine to no end. We have funded 24 young adults so far this year; thank you to everyone who gave of monetary donations, volunteered at our events, provided donations of gift certificates or other goodies for o

2019 Sy’s Fun:D Sizzler’s Womanless Beauty Pageant

June 4, 2019
Golly, its that time of year already: The 7th annual Sy’s Fun:D Sizzler’s Womanless Beauty Pageant. Coming soon. June 29th soon. This will be my 4th year as a participant, 2nd year on the planning/setting up end of things, and actually my 1st year “totally in charge”, we’ve changed not only venues but city and state as well as what is included for our attend

Water Bodies – A Poem by Jesse Sorrell

April 14, 2019
Water Bodies was written by Jesse Sorrell, recipient of Sy’s Fun:D. Jesse’s work as a resident chaplain in palliative care at UNC continues into his second year now; we are humbled by both his work and poignant writing. Water Bodies by Jesse Sorrell The parents of a purple, dying child name me the midnight chaplain with the scar. I travel the hospital as wat


April 3, 2019
When I thought about starting a fund in memory of my son Silas (Sy), I knew very little about nonprofits. My grief over losing Sy was raw and my heart was broken. Somehow through it all, I realized that it was important for me to find a way to carry Sy’s generosity forward into the world, perhaps because I witnessed his generous ways with others, and I could

The Gift of a New Year

January 18, 2019
And just like that, the last day of 2018 was celebrated and 2019 arrived… For those of us whose lives have been touched by cancer, it is recognized that a new day, and certainly a new year, is a gift, not a given. I imagine the new year will bring with it a mixture of emotions for many, depending on what 2018 held and what emerges during the next twelve mo