Our Stories

Below are just some of the people that Sy’s Fund was able
to help on their journey through treatment and recovery.


Age 35
Husband & Father
Fighting Lymphoma. Tim felt relief from acupuncture. Sy’s Fund paid for a round of treatments.


Age 38
Adawnes has advanced breast cancer. She is a costume designer and is unable to work outside of her home. Sy’s Fund provided Adawnes with an industrial sewing machine.


Age 37
Single Mother of Two Children
Diagnosed with Stage IV Malignant Neoplasm, Amy received a YMCA membership from Sy’s Fund to help with her overall health.


Age 39
Angela has metastatic breast cancer. She received a digital SLR camera from Sy’s Fund.


Age 33
Mother of Two
Darby is being treated for breast cancer. Sy’s Fund provided a new laptop for Darby and her sons so that she can help them with homework and play games together while undergoing treatment.


Age 30
Wife & Mother
A recent college graduate of nursing, Kayan was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma (Brain Cancer). She received alternative therapy – Vitamin C infusion from Sy’s Fund.


Age 38
Mother of Three
Rhonda is battling intra-abdominal liposarcoma as well as carcinoid cancer. Sy’s Fund provided a SLR Digital Nikon camera to take photos of her family, and to pursue her love of photography.


Age 32
Daughter, Sister & Wife
Elise is an outdoor enthusiast of hiking, rock climbing, and cycling. Hoping to get back outside with her husband and dogs, she was funded a bike for her outdoor adventures.


Age 25
In March of 2011 at age 18, Soma was diagnosed with Hereditary Gastric Carcinoma. She contacted Sy’s Fund in 2013 hoping to get help with her college tuition. Her request was granted and Sy’s Fund paid $250 of her tuition. Click here to read a note from Soma.


Age 35
Single Mother
LorMona is fighting state 3 colon cancer.  LorMona received funding for acupuncture from Sy’s Fund to help her in healing.


Age 36
Kathryn has been fighting cancer since 2012. She most recently had a partial laryngectomy for stage 3 throat cancer. Unable to speak or eat for 3-6 months, Sy’s Fund provided a new laptop so that she can communicate with her 13 year old son and others.


Single Mother
Maria is an artist who has stage 3 metastatic breast cancer. Maria chose IV vitamin therapy to help with her healing, to go along with the traditional cancer treatments she has been receiving.  You can follow Maria on Instagram at theartofmarialaura.


Age 18
Melody is battling a brain tumor, and her dream since childhood has been to become a pastry chef; since getting treatments for the tumor, however, she is unable to work with some crucial ingredients. She instead came up with the brilliant idea to create natural soaps. Sy’s fund has been able to provide the supplies, equipment, and books needed for her soap making.
Visit her Etsy shop: